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Goodmorning newgrounds!

2008-02-16 17:29:43 by LincolnGrinder

Ahh, its great to be back at on NG again, So just a recap on how evreything is going. My name is LincolnGrinder i am a part of the clock crew for those of you which probably know it. I dont not make spam flash and i enjoy lvl. (ing) up on the protal. I either go by LincolnGrinder er SkyscraperClock. which ever you preffer. right now my flash is on hiatus and will not be submitting anything for some time.

but for the time being id do have two flash movies up now which are both ,Golden's Valentines: A little thing i made up from scratch to enter the Valentine event on the CC and then there is BBQ-ISH the movie: just a nice simple flash i made with some BBQBEEFBURGERMAN .fla's so chyeah. But other than that i am going to get a Dwarfinator flash out soon so Hold on A little longer guys.

Blue Hippo's Video:
OH! also i almost forgot, if you guys want to see a good video check out BlueHippos "MIND OF SBC?"
its very great and the animation is very smooth so if you get the time go check it out.

UPDATE: i am coming out with a flash called Lincoln Grinders Show & Tell so it will be realeased sometime today. :)
So thats how im doing, how has Newgrounds been latley?

-Lincolngrinder <3

Goodmorning newgrounds!


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2008-02-16 17:33:04

hmm....good i guess hay u wanna be my friend?

LincolnGrinder responds:

sure can do fellow ^^


2008-02-16 17:38:38

um....u wanna leave a post on my page? and do u have msn or some thing?


2008-02-16 18:16:53

wow. simply wow autumn.


2008-02-16 18:32:47

thanks for the post ^_^


2008-02-25 21:27:53

im donesaur...rawr


2008-02-29 18:56:48

your BBQbeefburgerman video was nice but the voices werent correct.


2008-04-22 11:23:41

You totally made that image

LincolnGrinder responds:

i didnt, thats blue hippos. maybe if you read the post you would know.


2008-04-22 11:24:20



2008-05-03 10:51:06

Enjoy your stay on NG. Or else you will die by the hands of my backside!

LincolnGrinder responds:

i am not new to this. ive been on NG a long time.


2008-05-06 19:47:43

Yeah, I know you aren't new. You said you were back, so I am welcoming you back.


2011-05-01 21:19:46

blue hippo? that you?

PM me, i missed ye


2011-06-15 23:26:09

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